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Pencil to Pluto

an incremental game about drawing a line to pluto... with pencils...

Pencil to Pluto is an incremental game developed by me, with some music by my friend, AlexTheYes.

It was created in the Godot Engine for the Summer 2020 My First Game Jam - and as nearly all things on my website (well, all things, currently), the source code is public, and can be found here.
(Not that the source code for everything I've ever made is public and can be found at that exact repository, but... you know what I mean.)

While the game jam lasted 14 days, the submission was produced in 7 - and the result was sub-par non-functional...

My thoughts on the game post-jam can be found in the postmortem.

I hope to write more information here as the game continues development. The game, in its current state, has been archived.

I hope to rewrite it one day.