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an experimental discord bot with weird features no one ever asked for

I don't have much to say about it - all I can say is that it is a Discord bot. The source code can be found here, I suppose. You can't invite the bot to a server yet because I still don't have any method to host it. Yet.

Random Facts!

  • Slabbot was originally going to be a fork and overhaul of despacitoBot; with more features and cool stuff, but I didn't feel like looking at my old code, so I decided to just rewrite it from scratch.
    • Like despacitoBot, Slabbot is also written in JavaScript, utilizing Node.js and Discord.js. However, this time, I employed the help of the Akairo Framework! Not that I'm really putting it to any good use, but...
  • Slabbot is a portmanteau of the words "slab" and "bot" - like a slab, the bot is large, thick, flat, and typically made of stone- wait, no, hold on-
    • Slabbot is pronounced like "rabbit", so... "slæbət"? Don't ask.
  • I still don't understand ES6.