hello there!… again! o/

I think I already said all I needed to say on the homepage, but I guess you want to know more about me. Which is… weird. But alright.

My name is Andy Chan — a human being and stuff maker.

You might also find me on the internet under the usernames:

I have many, many hobbies — code is the main one. I also play piano occasionally, I'm half-decent at editing video, and I have a love for art and visual effects (even though I'm quite bad at it).

Outside of creating things, I play primarily rhythm games — Tap Tap Revenge is how I got started, osu! started my addiction, and Arcaea is my current "main" rhythm game. I'd love to try Sound Voltex, WACCA, or Dance Dance Revolution someday. Not really any arcades around me…

My main goal is to make interesting video games — I grew up playing PopCap's games (Bejeweled 2, Zuma, Plants vs. Zombies), and years down the line I discovered Minecraft, Portal 2, and Portal, and Team Fortress 2, and playing these games, despite my abysmally underpowered laptop, my mind was blown playing these games — This stuff is possible? I've been a lover of technology and video games ever since.

And after that? Making cool stuff that I enjoy, and hopefully others are able to enjoy too.

Not exactly sure what else to type here. I think I've written enough about me.

You don't get a picture of me because I don't like doing that.


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Source code of this website is also on GitHub, all pages are under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 unless otherwise stated, icons come from Font Awesome… and yeah, I guess that's about all.